Our Editor, Georgia Watson, tries out the Icelandic skincare brand, SóLEY Organics…

‘Wild, powerful & pure – naturally pure skin care with wild, Icelandic herbs.’

In the last couple of months I’ve become intrigued by Iceland. The volcanic republic is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. It has no standing army and its culture is based around the nation’s Scandinavian heritage.

A few of my friends have been and said that its scenery is stunning, with hot springs, waterfalls and fjords creating a land that could be straight out of a Tolkien novel.

With plans forming to hopefully visit Reykjavik next year, I had an email ping into my inbox inviting me test out the new range of SóLEY Organic products, a skincare brand originating from Iceland.


Icelandic actress SóLEY Elíasdóttir, an iconic figure in the country’s theatre and film world, founded SóLEY Organics. Leaving the screen to embrace a family tradition that goes back sixteen generations, SóLEY has created a brand that harnesses the healing properties of herbs.

Guided by tradition and the therapeutic qualities of wild Icelandic herbs, SóLEY Organics focuses on creating pure products that promote good skin health whilst ensuring the environment doesn’t suffer.

Kindly sending me three products to review, I couldn’t wait to see how the Icelandic herbs would help my dry skin and hair – if any nation understood and could remedy what the cold does to skin and scalp health, it would be Iceland with its tundra weather!


First trying the steinEy Mineral Mask with Volcanic Clay, I was a little uncertain about putting anything volcanic near my face! Mixing half a teaspoon of clay with half a teaspoon of water to create the mask, I thought there wouldn’t be enough to cover my face, but the mask spread easily over my skin. There wasn’t much of a smell to the product, and it dried quickly.

Wiping it off with warm water, I noticed that some of the clay had stayed in my pores so I did use my usual cleanser to make sure all of the mask residue had lifted.

Next up, I washed my hair with the GRÆDIR Healing Shampoo. It had a lovely refreshing aroma that reminded me of a high-end spa – a citrus smell that was invigorating, without being overpowering.

This product line from SóLEY is made of a powerful blend of Icelandic herbs from a family recipe. Aiming to sooth eczema, skin irritation, diaper rash, yeast infections, dry skin and burn wounds, I applied the GRÆDIR Organic Healing Cream to my hands and face before going to sleep.


The next day I woke up with the softest, smoothest skin I had felt for a long time, even my boyfriend noticed (which is unheard of!). My hair was silky smooth and easy to brush with very little tangles.

According to SóLEY, the short Icelandic summers means that the herbs must absorb vast amounts of energy and nutrients in a short period of time so they can survive the harsh, dark winter, making them renowned for being strong and effective.

Using only the finest of natural ingredients in its products seems to be working a treat, and the fact that the brand cares for the way its business impacts the environment and is dedicated to an organic process, only increases its good points in my book.

Getting to know the SóLEY Organic range has only increased my excitement to travel to Iceland, and also has given my hair and skin a much need boost during the British winter.