With the Suffolk Fashion Show on 6th October fast approaching, we meet with the retailers who are showcasing their autumn collections on the catwalk. Here we speak to Estelle Ruth about the upcoming show.

You debuted your first collection at the Suffolk Fashion Show last year, how’s business been since the show?

Debuting my collection at the show last year was a big step for me and it was great exposure for my business. I am currently working with a local women’s wear shop based in Stowmarket that have really supported me – Molls and Dolls Boutique.

Before the show last year I was selling and promoting my brand mostly online, however after the show and the amazing feedback I received, I decided to work in a new direction and focus on finding local boutiques that would like to stock my clothing.

As much as e-commerce is a vastly growing industry so many people love to get up close to the clothing and really touch it and try it on before they buy it, which has been evident in my sales this last year. 

How would you describe your brand and style of clothing?

I created my brand with the desire to make attire that stands out and is fun to wear; clothing is a great form of expression and should make women feel glamorous as well as being comfortable. My brand is very colourful and feminine; I use a lot of floral prints and focus mainly on jackets and dresses.

Estelle Ruth is all about confidence and empowering women; I look at clothing as a mood changer I believe our attire gives us power and strength.

I also believe having clothing that has been handmade in Britain, or custom made for you, feels that extra bit special, I think it’s a lovely experience when a customer comes to me with an idea for a design and when they get to see it brought to life, their face tells the whole story.


Where do you find your inspirations for your collections?

I believe inspiration can be found anywhere; I studied fashion design at Art College where we learnt to look for inspiration in everyday life and find inspiration in pretty much everything we see; nature, art, music and movies all inspire me.

I do a lot of research into trend forecasting, but I then create a focus point to base a collection around. Colour and print are always a big part of my inspiration and it’s after I have established a colour palette that I create a silhouette

Why did you decide to get involved with the Suffolk Fashion Show again this year?

Last years show was such an amazing event, there was no doubt I would want to be involved again. Having previously worked for various fashion brands, I know the struggle smaller brands can face trying to compete with the giants of the industry.

I think it’s fantastic to help shine a spotlight on local designers and boutiques.

There are so many great small businesses in Suffolk and the more events we can collaborate on to create exposure for them are brilliant opportunities for everyone involved.

What will you be showing at the Suffolk Fashion Show this year?

My collection for this years show is based around the theme ‘A winter’s blossom.’ My true passion is designing and creating beautiful dresses that not only compliment a women’s figure but also makes them feel fabulous.

This collection will feature some stunning floral prints and some very strong silhouettes, the collection will be all dresses ranging from a more casual work wear look to a very strong evening wear/ red carpet look.