Suffolk Garden

EAUX spoke to fabric designer, Brie Harrison, about childhoods in Suffolk, inspiration and the countryside

How did you enjoy growing up in Suffolk?

I loved being close to so much beautiful countryside and being close to the sea was an added bonus. I like to travel a lot now but there’s still something that can’t beat the beaches and landscapes back here. I think I like it more now as an adult but I do have fond memories of Felixstowe summers and Framlingham castle visits.

What inspired you to be a designer?

I’ve always loved drawing so knew I wanted to be in a creative job. When I was 13, I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer as I loved clothes so much; I then realised someone had to design the prints that went on the fabric and realised this was even more perfect for me. I guess there wasn’t one thing that inspired me to do this, but needing to be creative is something that’s always been with me.

What was it that inspired your Suffolk Garden collection?

The Dashwood Studio (www.dashwoodstudio.comcollection was inspired by the different plants in my mother’s garden. I’m always drawn to the amazing decoration found in the most delicate flowers and weeds.

What’s your favourite place in the region?

I think if I had to pick one, it would be Orford. I love having breakfast at Pump Street Bakery and then walking along the sea wall in the fresh air. But Snape and the walk from Thorpeness to Aldeburgh are close runners up.

I am currently based mainly in London, but I am hoping to move back – I’m looking at Woodbridge, as it has a great mix of everything: the river, farmers and vintage markets, lovely local cafes and pubs, but it’s still easy to travel to the city. It feels an exciting, but tranquil place to be.

What’s your favourite print from the collection and why?

I think the dandelion on the white background is my favourite as it’s quite simple and I think it works across the board. I’ve seen it being made into a girl’s dress, which is a particular favourite of mine and also a women’s pyjama set.