By Becca Green

Joanne Moore is the only known female master distiller in the world. Appointed in 2006 after working for the distillery for 10 years, Joanne oversees every stage of the gin-making process at G & J Greenall. She monitors all experimentation with new botanicals and flavour combinations to find innovative blends. One of these very blends led her to create BLOOM gin, the perfect summer beverage.

As you’d expect, Joanne is immensely proud to be one of the few female masters distillers. She says: ‘I am extremely pleased to see
more women turning to this type of career choice, which is known for being a male dominated industry’.

Gin has become the alcohol of choice for the trendy go-getter. Joanne explains why she thinks gin has become so popular: ‘It has complexity and great mix ability in cocktails plus with the plethora of gins now appearing on the market there is a style of gin out there to suit everyone’s tastes.’

Joanne is the mastermind behind three brands of premium gin, BLOOM, Berkeley Square and most recently, Ophir; each has its own original and creative flavour blend. Joanne believes that gin is luxurious because of its ‘hand-crafted use of botanicals that are sourced from around the world.’ She says: ‘they take time and expertise to distil so it’s natural to associate these attributes with luxury.’

The process from conception to creation is a very exciting one. We ask Joanne what her own individual experience was like: ‘Creating BLOOM was exciting because I was part of the whole journey from creation to launch so I was able to ensure that there was complete synergy between the gin I created and the look and feel of the brand. To have a vision in your head and see it become reality is great!’

The team at EAUX were eager to know the inspiration behind BLOOM. Joanne admitted that the ‘initial inspiration for BLOOM was all about the English garden and creating a space for a delicate light floral gin.’ And we believe she has done just that. BLOOM is light, fragrant and refreshing. Joanne believes ‘the camomile and honeysuckle edible flowers in BLOOM’s profile makes it the perfect companion for floral notes that work well with the traditional juniper perfume aromas.’

Amongst the severity of gin distilling, we had to ask Joanne the most important question of all – what her favourite gin cocktail is, of course! Her answer was plain and simple: a French 75. Just combine gin and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker, fill with ice, shake, then pour into a tall glass and top up with champers.  Perfection.

So, what’s next for Joanne? Her reply was very suggestive, ‘well that would be telling.’ Thus, expect to see more from Joanne, as she carries on producing the finest, most luxurious and tasty gins on the market.