Victoria Guthrie visits Blocks Solicitors to reflect on the Festive Season

In our previous edition we got to know Blocks Solicitors in Ipswich, their partners and their values. Here we join them to consider the festive season and the legal services that their clients frequently seek.

Christmas and the New Year are a time for reflection. Christmas brings home to us the importance of family, friends and loved ones. The New Year reminds us of the importance of taking steps forward and putting our house in order. It can be a bitter sweet time.

It provides an ideal opportunity to consider making a will to ensure that your affairs will be dealt with in accordance with your wishes and that your assets will go to those you love and give them future security. It also provides you with peace of mind.

Tax planning is also central to client considerations when making a will. It is important to review this at an early stage as it may be advantageous to take certain steps sooner rather than later. Blocks’ expertise in agriculture, business, probates and trusts mean that they have the experience and database of external advisors to give you a 360° service to take care of all of your needs.

Other considerations to complement a Will include making a Lasting Power of Attorney, to allow a trusted person that you have chosen to act and make arrangements on your behalf in relation to your financial affairs, health and welfare or both. A further consideration is a Living Will. Here, you can make known your wishes and views about future medical treatment and can indicate treatment that you would want to refuse.

Conversely, if a loved ones’ health has deteriorated and they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves, steps can be taken for a deputy to be appointed by the Court of Protection to ensure that their assets are properly and legally administered.

In relation to other personal matters, the need to move forward may mean that you are looking for advice in relation to your marital affairs and children. It may finally be the right time for you to take that step and launch your own business, or, perhaps it is time to sell the one that you have. It may be time to pursue those that wronged you in the Court, or to settle a claim brought against you. You may have decided that your boss has pushed you too far and that you need employment advice, or that it is time to take steps to tackle that difficult employee. Whatever your Christmas and New Year resolution, Blocks can help.  Blocks place your needs first and offer a seamless and professional service with easy access to its lawyers and great client service with a modern approach.

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