A brand new lifestyle show in London will take place this October at the Novotel Conference Centre in Hammersmith. Designed to appeal to discerning customers who like the finer things in life, the event will focus upon high-end lifestyle brands, top quality products and new experiences in home entertainment and audio technology.

Running from the 14th-16th October, The Indulgence Show will feature three distinct areas – ‘Pure Pleasure’, ‘Audio London’, and ‘headroom™’.

‘Pure Pleasure’ will indulge the audience’s varied passions for high quality luxury goods – a favourite among EAUX readers! Guests will explore brands and products such as watches, cars, wines, spirits, craft beer, hand-made chocolates and so much more. Ideal for discovering the latest brands or writing your Christmas shopping list, the ‘Pure Pleasure’ section will be a haven of retail therapy.

‘Audio London’ is for those interested in the very latest technology and who like to be up-to-date with their hi-fi and audio systems. Showcasing a wide range of audio and home entertainment systems there will be the opportunity to discover little known brands at this event.

‘headroom™’ will be a space dedicated to the largest range of headphones and portable audio displayed in the UK, again ideal for those looking to find out about the latest in audio technology.

With 90 brands from the hi-fi, home entertainment and technology sectors having secured their spaces at The Indulgence Show, including Bowers and Wilkins, Onkyo, Audioquest and Sennheiser, many more are still to be announced.

For those looking for a weekend to indulge and spoil themselves a little, this event is one to book up now. EAUX is able to offer readers a 2 for 1 deal on tickets. To claim two tickets for the price of £10 for either Saturday 15 October or Sunday 16 October 2016, please use the code ‘DEULIX’ via the following link:https://www.indulgenceshow.com/2for1-tickets/.