We pick the top 5 gadgets motoring enthusiasts will adore for Christmas…

 Coffee on the go

If you know a coffee afficiando who also loves their motor, look no further than the Handpresso Auto Hybrid Set. This nifty gadget simply needs to be plugged into a 12V socket, filled with water and either an ESE pod or ground coffee, and in two minutes it produces the perfect espresso.

This gift set includes a case, which can double up as a tray, and two espresso cups, meaning the end of sub-par motorway services coffee for whoever you gift it to.

A diamond-polished ice scraper

The Swedish Ice Scraper might not look like much, but it’s a gadget with some serious credentials. When the temperatures drop below zero, this laser-cut, diamond-polished scraper will help any motorist clear the harshest frost and ice from their windscreen in no time. This is the perfect stocking filler for any driving enthusiast, and you can pick it up from DriveDen with free UK delivery when you spend over £30.

A practical phone mount

Smart phones are now the hub of a tech-savvy driver’s car, so it’s essential that their phone is within easy reach so it’s practical and safe. The Lifeproof Suction Mount is one of the best car phone mounts on the market. It attaches to the windscreen and provides a sturdy and easily adjustable perch for a smartphone, making it a great gift for any tech-savvy motorist.

An in-car Wi-Fi hotspot

A perfect gift for any driver with kids is the EE Buzzard 2. This nifty gadget allows a driver to turn their vehicle into a 4G hotspot for up to 10 devices, meaning music, movies, and TV shows can be streamed without each passenger draining their personal data. It plugs into the 12V socket and features a USB port, so any devices running low on battery can be recharged on the road as well.

ee-buzzard-2A GoPro

If there’s a motorsport enthusiast in your life, people have probably already thought to get them tickets to a track day for Christmas. To make sure your gift stands out, pick them something they’re sure to love — a GoPro camera. They’ll be able to attach this to their dashboard and record their laps in HD — something that was impossible for an amateur motorist to do just a few years ago. Pick up the latest model, the Hero 5, from John Lewis and receive a 2-year warranty.