Lucy Hargreaves, director of Spiral Cellars looks at the rise in popularity of wine cellars

While wine cellars used to be thought of as dark, dusty and damp places beneath a property, they are now taking the limelight and typically in the main open plan living space. Spiral Cellars, with natural conditions, ample space and a range of design options, are created to not only store wine but display and experience it, using aesthetic materials and considered design to craft lavish, and enviable cellars that also happen to keep the all-important commodity of wine in the ideal conditions.

With the typical British home short on valuable space, sometimes the only way to go is down. Adding a Spiral Cellar, created in the untapped earth beneath a house, is a small undertaking compared to a full basement, with installation taking no more than nine days. The range of doors can be walked over and, if opting for a half rather than full door, the sealed top half of the cellar can even be positioned beneath furniture or cabinetry to make the most of your space.

The British kitchen is no exception when it comes to space. It can be difficult to stow food and kitchen items out of sight in the largest kitchens so having a unique alternative to a pantry or larder cupboard built into the untapped space beneath can be a great bonus! Spiral Cellars offer great storage for wine but also food, with conditions suitable for tins, preserves and packets, along with eggs and some dairy. Crockery, glassware and small appliances can also be stashed away if the space for wine can be spared! For more information visit