This delicious recipe looks and taste impressive but deceptively simple to make.

Serves 6


For panna cotta:

300ml Milk

475ml Double cream

50g Caster sugar

15g Gelatine

2 Vanilla pods

15ml Brandy

For compote:

200g Blackberries

100g Caster sugar

For madeleines:

2 Eggs

100g Plain flour

100g Caster sugar

1 Lemon, juice & zest

0.75tsp Baking powder

  1. To make the panna cotta soften the gelatine in cold water for five minutes.
  2. Put the milk, double cream, 50g caster sugar, vanilla in a pan and bring just short of a boil, take off the heat.
  3. When gelatine is softened, squeeze as much water from it as possible pop it into the cream mix with the brandy. Whisk until dissolved.
  4. Leave to chill in the fridge – keep an eye on it as you don’t want it to set yet, just chill enough that the vanilla bits are suspended in the mix, not sunk to the bottom. When you’re happy with the consistency pour it into some nice glassware – leave space to put the compote on top.
  5. Chill in the fridge overnight.
  6. To make the blackberry compote place 100g caster sugar and the blackberries in a pan, turn up the heat up and stir until the sugar has dissolved and the blackberries have softened.
  7. Remove from heat and chill.
  8. To make the madeleines whisk the eggs with 100g caster sugar until light and fluffy.
  9. Add the remaining ingredients and whisk until it’s all mixed well. It should be a thick batter consistency.
  10. Butter and flour the madeleine mold – you can use whatever shape you want – use a small cupcake mould or spread the mixture on a greaseproof sheet.
  11. Pop into preheated oven at 180c for about 10 minutes until it just starts to colour slightly.
  12. Remove, pop out of the molds and leave to cool.
  13. To serve, spoon the compote onto the set panna cotta, place it on a plate with a serviette liner, dust the madeleines with icing sugar and artfully place them on the plate.