We’re offering you the chance to win a Limited Edition Cranberry Aabelard Apron, courtesy of the artisan apron brand. 

Philippa Hayward was looking for something to re-inspire herself when she came up with the idea for her business, Aabelard Aprons. After going on a leather-making course to learn how to cut and sew leather, Philippa had created some bags and fell in love with the process. She wanted to produce something that would be personal, but that she could use everyday – and then it came to her, an apron.

‘I have three boys and I think it’s vital that they have a positive and rounded view of women,’ explained Philippa, ‘I wanted them to see me being more than ‘just their mum,’ but if I could set up a business from an idea in my head and make it work, from concept, through to design, manufacture, marketing and sales – how great would that be?’

Instantly knowing how she wanted the aprons to look and feel, her design grew out of the need to make something durable and useful.

‘Aprons work hard. You cook in them, clean in them, carry things in the pockets, garden in them; I did silversmithing and jewellery making in mine,’ said Philippa, ‘They need to wrap around you, protect you and quite frankly, I’d never really found an apron that was properly up to the job, and that affected my design choices.’

It was important to Philippa that the apron looked just as great as it was practical. With a love of clothes herself; she didn’t want to cover them up with something that wasn’t on par. Philippa’s unique design aims to frame the upper body and face and with two different styles available in two sizes to suit narrower and not-so narrow people.

Choosing Scottish Waxed Cotton for her aprons due to its robust nature and movability, Philippa explained that when the fabric heats up with your body temperature, it begins to mould to your shape.

‘It also has waterproof properties without being stiff,’ Philippa continued, ‘You can throw anything at it and it will take it. The producer I work with is one of the world’s leading suppliers and has years of tradition and heritage behind them which matches our brand perfectly.

‘I chose Italian leather for the breastplate and straps of the apron because I think it’s the best. The breastplate is one of the key design features of the apron, and the suppleness of the leather is vital. It has to bend and move with you and be so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing it. The leather we use is so soft it’s almost like a fabric and will only look better in time.’

Phillippa’s aprons are made in a small, traditional leather-making factory in Grantham, Lincolnshire that specialises in producing luxury and bespoke bags and luggage.

Since beginning her company, Philippa has found that a whole range of businesses and customers have fallen for her products. From tattoo artists, to artisan craft-makers and home-bakers, her aprons make a gorgeous gift that can even be personalised with initials or embossed with a logo for commercial use.

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