Becca Green reviews Gazelli’s Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish.

The award-winning skincare brand Gazelli has taken the industry by storm. Their products are focused on the purity of science and quality ingredients. Here at Eaux we were given the opportunity to try and test one of their bestsellers, the Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish and we are here to tell all.

The term ‘skin polish’ suggests that the product creates a clean and clear surface that will effectively absorb whatever is put on top, and that is exactly what it does. Simply massage a small amount on to clean and damp skin and rinse with warm water. It may sound too simple, but the results are outstanding.

The innovative anti-ageing Triple Youth range is based on unique formulations that blend Gazelli White Oil, which is Dr Hamzayeva’s exclusive ingredient. Gazelli White Oil is developed from a 1000 year old natural resource that works to rejuvenate, nourish and protect the skin from within, which you can definitely feel while using it.

It’s smooth and silky texture glides on to the skin and it is also packed with fine micro-granule rice powder, which thoroughly cleans pores and lifts dead skin cells. Ditch the cotton pads as this product offers the luxury of no added fuss. Just follow with your usual moisturiser and your skin is sure to feel fully revitalised.

Key ingredients include Gazelli White Oil, Rice Powder Grain to gently exfoliate, Red Grape Extract as a powerful antioxidant and Pomegranate Extract to brighten skin tone – A luxurious mix of ingredients to truly treat your skin!


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